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You have come to the new world in search of gold, silver, land, religious freedom, political freedom, etc while this is very exciting, you miss your family and friends. New york city has more people than 39 of the 50 states in the u. The english eventually seized new amsterdam, renamed it new york, and began to solidify and expand what would become one of americas most strategic and influential centers of trade, culture, and power. Documents dated after 1776 were added to the new york state boxes. Oct 01, 2019 the nyc feral cat initiative nycfci, a program of bideawee, supports the efforts of organizations and individuals who work to help stray and feral community cats and perform trapneuterreturn tnr in new york city. Airstream officially launched the new five rivet dealer standards program in may of 2018, where they honor the top travel trailer dealerships in the country.

New york did not sign the declaration of independence until july 9, 1776, as they were waiting for approval from their colony. New york city travel brochure view our current brochure by clicking here if you would like a brochure mailed to you usa, canada and mexico addresses only. Colony of new york for more than 300 years, there was very little contention between england and holland. It consisted of a railroad journey between boston and fall river, massachusetts, where passengers would then board steamboats for the journey through narragansett bay and long island sound to the lines own hudson river dock in manhattan. Family owned and locally operated for over 40 years, we have a vested interest in providing proven, environmentally conscious and costeffective solutions. Caleb very creatively wrote the brochure comparing modernday new york with colonial new york. Park brochure statue of liberty national monument u.

New york s partner in pest management at colony pest management, inc. It is the main religion through most of the colonies. Middle colonies new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, delaware the coastal plain and river valleys were fertile and well suited to agriculture. Learn more about the colonial greenway by viewing the following materials. For new york, see our new york construction brochure. On april 20 th, 1777 the new york colony adopted its constitution.

The 10story clubhouse stands in the heart of new york citys upper eastside historic district, conveniently located close to transportation and major cultural institutions. New york colonynew york colony began as the dutch trading outpost of new netherland in 1614. Boys are fortunate enough to get the knowledge of their fathers job. The colonists of these different colonies hoped to find different things in the new world. Fill the right side with the information below on the left. One year later, george washington was sworn in as the united. Jul 03, 2014 jul 3, 2014 colony footwear catalog by jules tardy, ny. See more ideas about teaching social studies, social studies and 5th grade social studies.

This awesome map allows students to click on any of the colonies or major cities in the colonies to learn all about their histories and characteristics from a single map and page. The most popular games were hopscotch, jackstones, tag, kick the can, marbles, cats cradle string game and jumping rope. New yorks partner in pest management at colony pest management, inc. You have decided to create a trifold brochure to be distributed in europe to convince the people that your colony is the best place to settle before they set sail for the new world. The settlement of new york began with the exploration of the hudson river. Some sought economic opportunities while others left england for political or religious reasons. Our goal is to humanely reduce the population of community cats in nyc.

The thirteen english colonies were founded between 1607 and 1733. New yorkstate history new york department of state. I am absolutely delighted to have my collection of the culture and art of the woodstock art colony join the extraordinary new york state museum. England was looking at the settlement of colonies as a way of fulfilling its desire to sell more goods and resources to other. The duke of york was driven out by new netherland, and became owner of the colony. New york travel guides nyc guide, new york state guide. Some of the thirteen colonies were not even started by the english. Pretend that you are a travel agent working for the new england, middle, or southern colonial region. Please note, at this time, only visitors within the u. The colony of new york legislation was established as a law making body in 1777. Existing as a colony of great britain for over a century, new york declared its independence on july 9, 1776, becoming one of the original states of the federal union. The new york state library has a wide variety of primary documents and published material on the history of colonial new york, including muster rolls of colonial troops, accounts of explorers, land purchase agreements, correspondence of early settlers, orderly books, diaries, maps, records of rensselaerwyck manor, accounts of relations with.

The spaces are warm and welcoming, a beautiful blend of period details and modern comforts. The historic woodstock art colony new york state museum. Beacon prestige dt1011 is a four bedroom two bathroom ranch. I call this a researchbased project because he was expected to use the internet or books from the library to delve deeper into the history of the colony. The kids were educated by going to school five days a week, for six hours. This colony has mild winters and long, warm summers. Protestantism is the main religion in colonial new york. Almost onethird were scottish, irish, or some combination of both. Create a travel brochure that will catch the eye of a common european person. Colonial america grades 57 a 1776 map of the colonies.

Answer the multiple choice questions by using the interactive map. Though weakened and hungry from the voyage, the new colonists set to work. This dutch colony had been founded after the area had first been explored by henry hudson in 1609. Newyorkguide 2 money 3 communication 4 holidays 5 transportation 6 food 8 eventsduringtheyear 9 thingstodo 11 dosanddonots 12 activities 17 emergencycontacts emergency. New york now became a royal colony, and the new king, who at heart despised popular government, refused to sign the charter of liberties, abolished the new york assembly, and sent andros to govern the colony as consolidated with new england and new jersey. United states history revolution, 17751783 regimental histories new york, new york state militia, new york state history revolution, 17751783 publisher albany, n. We have learned that the first colonies were begun by businesses hoping to make money and by religious groups looking for freedom. The new york colony declared its independence on july 9 th, 1776. Create a brochure for your region and choose one colony from below new england colonies new hampshire, connecticut, rhode island, massachusetts middle colonies new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, delaware southern colonies virginia, maryland, north carolina, south carolina, georgia. Colonial airstream has been awarded the top airstream travel trailer dealership in the world, and the top. It was founded by the dutch, at the time when they had a great commercial empire that spanned the globe. At the time of the first federal census in 1790, most new yorkers claimed dutch and english roots, unsurprising given the citys colonial roots.

A trifold brochure is created by taking a piece of paper in this case 11x17 and folding it into thirds. In most places, the many beliefs of each settlers will cause con. Engage your students during remote learning with video readalouds. Instead of a paragraph, this side should display a catchy slogan describing one of your colony s best features so people will pick up and read your brochure. The new york colony eventually gained the nickname of empire state. This side will be the cover for the brochure and will introduce the colony. The dutch tried to settle large estates in their new colony, but few dutchman wanted to move. The province of new york 16641776 was a british proprietary colony and later royal colony on the northeast coast of north america. Three official i love new york travel guides are available. Excellent harbors were found at the mouths of the hudson and delaware rivers. As one of the middle thirteen colonies, new york achieved independence and worked with the others to found the united states in 1664, during the second anglodutch war, the dutch province of new netherland in america was awarded by charles ii of england to. Originally, materials created before new york became a state were filed in the new york colony box.

I will create a travel brochure persuading people to move to the colonies. New york state history new york state department ny. Her commander, henry hudson, was an english captain in the service of the dutch east india company, and on a voyage for discovering a. View or download the travel guides and planners by clicking on the images below or fill out the form at the bottom of the page to receive a copy in the mail. The dutch brought a patroon to new york which was a group of 50 people that traveled to another state. In contrast, settlers in the middle colonies of delaware, pennsylvania, new york, and new jersey had less difficulty farming due to better soil and moderate climates. He even added a few multiple choice trivia questions for the reader. The new york colony was one of the four middle colonies which also included the pennsylvania colony, the new jersey colony, and the delaware colony. On, edit images, videos and 360 photos in one place. New york becomes an english colonyin 1664, an english expedition forced governor stuyvesant to surrender his colony. Joseph is a past president of the professional pest management association of new york city. Meet the poets and artists, soldiers and sailors, leaders and heroes, and families. The middle colonies of new york, pennsylvania, new jersey.

William kieft was appointed the director general of the new netherlands. Gracies late 18thcentury new york was ethnically and culturally richin other words, it was distinctively new york. On september th 1609, a vessel called the crescent came to anchor within sandy hook new jersey, about seventeen miles from the present city of new york. The new york colony was originally a dutch colony called new amsterdam, founded by peter minuit in 1626 on manhattan island. The province was granted to james, duke of york, before the capture of the new netherlands colony from the dutch on september 12,1664.

The next year, on april 20, 1777, new yorks first constitution was adopted. New product illumagear halo sl hard hat light click for more info. A typical farm in the new york colony included between 50 and 150 acres of land, a house, fields, and a barn. The colonies travel brochure objectives i will understand how and why the colonies of america were founded and how they compared to each other with respect to government, culture, geography, and economy. By the following year, the dutch began trading with the native americans. Thats why ive prepared this brochure to help you learn about new york states government and history. The chamber commerce representative should read this handout aloud. Ny explore our past new york state office of parks.

You have decided you are going to create a brochure to advertise your new home. They are always using there imagination to creat new games. Create a map of each region, and put it on the left. However, when george washington read the declaration of independence in front of city hall in new york city where he was leading his troops, a riot occurred.

Colonial greenway map pdf colonial greenway brochure. You will then present your travel brochure to the rest of the class. The houses were elected by the colonists, but, only by men who owned the land, wealthy tradesmen, and merchants. A study of the colonial economy from 16001750 grades 57 information and pictures, project ideas, classroom games, and a colonial marketplace reenactment about colonial markets, trade, jobs, money, imports and exports, and mercantilism. You will need to create a travel brochure that will catch the eye of the common european person. The fall river line was a combination steamboat and railroad connection between new york city and boston that operated between 1847 and 1937. Visit our sacred battlefields state historic site and impressive forts, our stately homes, magnificent estates, and splendid gardens.

You are a new travel agency working for one of the american colonies. Trapneuterreturn literature nyc feral cat initiative. But after the american revolution in 1776, new york became a u. Here in this video, i talk about new york colony and why its great compared to the other colonies. Your job is to encourage people from europe to move to your colony and settle there. The collection includes muster rolls of colonial troops, accounts of explorers, land purchase agreements, correspondence of early settlers, orderly books, diaries, maps, records of rensselaerwyck manor, colonial laws, documents of new netherland, histories of the. You have come to the new world in search of gold, silver, land, religious freedom, political freedom, etc. The dutch who originally colonized the area lived peacefully alongside the native americans that they had purchased the land from. Madison square park, washington square park, union square park, and bryant park used to be cemeteries. The duke had already granted the province of new jersey to his friends lord berkeley and sir george carteret the dutch retook part of new york in the next war. New york pictures and facts national geographic kids. This brochure provides an introduction to heritage sites of the valley along with a comprehensive map of the region.

After the conclusion of the thirty year war in europe, they began a rivalry over who would dominate the seas. A brief history of the colony of new york, 16091692. S, puerto rico, and canada are able to receive travel guides by mail. Henry hudson, an englishman, was unable to convince anyone in england to back his proposed expedition to search.

Andros, with a council of seven men, was to govern nine colonies as a conquered province. It should contain the name of the colony and a visual. These conditions allowed them to plant more than one crop per growing season. New netherland extended from north of presentday albany, new york, all the way south to the delaware river. The new york state library has a wide variety of primary documents and published material on the history of colonial new york. The duke had already granted the province of new jersey to his friends lord berkeley and sir george carteret. Over the years this distinction has not been strictly maintained. Powered by create your own unique website with customizable templates.

New condominium construction, blasting contractors, architectsrobert lager engineerssurveyors, employment agencies, and consultants other than construction managers. New york s state historic sites and historic parks are a mosaic of special places that tells the story of our rich heritage. It also, i hope, will motivate others to donate their treasures for public appreciation and education. Documents relating to the colonial history of the state of new york. Scribd is the worlds largest social reading and publishing site. Because of this, settlers come from all over, and therefore new york gains a large diversity of di. The park brochure page where the brochure is available in various formats. Southern colonies 5 south carolina, north carolina, virginia, georgia, maryland. Apr 23, 2015 here in this video, i talk about new york colony and why its great compared to the other colonies.

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