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Official deck log book means the log book kept at the bridge of the ship in accordance with the provisions of section 99 of the law. Preparation of logs is governed by the current edition of office of the chief of naval operations instruction 3100. The other job it do is to provide space and floor for the equipment and people to stand and work while protecting them from outside weather. It is for this reason that pretty much every task for every department has to have to have some record in some log book. Merchant shipping official log books regulations 337 masters and seamen merchant shipping official log books regulations 1981 211 as amended212 the minister, in exercise of powers conferred on him by sections 143 and 293 of the merchant shipping act, and of all other powers enabling him in that behalf, hereby makes the following regulations. All deck logs contain both columnar data ship s location, latitude and longitude at various points throughout the day, weather information, etc. A logbook is a record of important events in the management, operation, and navigation of a. A wooden, stone, or metal device that, when connected to a vessel with a cable or chain, was used to secure the vessel to the bed of a waterway to prevent it from drifting. A more detailed explanation can be found in opnavinst 3100. Deck logs from commissioned ships are the only logs sent to the naval history and heritage command nhhc to be kept as permanent records. A ships deck log has both historical importance and legal standing. A commissioned ship is a navy command in her own right, having a distinctive administrative identity and creating records. Deck logs aircraft carriers may or may not be in the territorial seas va official ship list. Examination of the detail in a ships log is often an important part of the investigative process for official maritime inquiries, in much the same way as.

How often have we come across such disclaimers onboard while maintaining the ships official records. Navy regulations and standard organization and regulations of the u. Bookfactory captains log bookboat log book ships log booknautical log book 100 pages, full color cover with translux protection, 11 x 8 12, wireo binding log100cpt011 4. Illustrated glossary of ship and boat terms oxford handbooks. The ships deck log is a complete daily record, by watches, of every circumstance and occurrence of importance or interest about the crew and the operation and safety of the ship. Important points for logbook keeping on ships part 1. This part is to be completed in the loose leaf format. Part i for all garbage other than cargo residues, applicable to all ships. View navy deck logs available online through the national archives catalog in navy parlance, any kind of running record is called a log. The middle of a vessel, either longitudinally or transversely. The official log book passenger ships consists of the following sections.

Navy deck logs available in the national archives catalog. Iomolb ll official log book sections 18 iom ship registry. Merchant shipping official log books regulations 339 225 c in column 1 of each relevant paragraph of part iv of that schedule shall be so made in the official log book kept in any passenger ship referred to in that paragraph. It may be used at times in naval, admiralty, and civil courts. Masters of passenger ships are not required to complete sections 5 and 6 of the official. It is essential that clear and accurate record of the activities of the ship are kept, as the log book will form a main part of the collection of evidence in case of any. This part is to be completed in loose leaf format olbpaxll. A navy ships deck log is a daily chronology of certain events for administrative and legal purposes. Enlarge aircraft carrier uss saratoga cv60 view in national archives catalog please note. Different entries to be made in bridge log book of the ship.

Parts of ship its definition and their function shipfever. Many such logs are kept on board navy ships, but only deck logs of commissioned navy ships are retained permanently. What are the entries to be made in deck log book ships business. The basic requirements for maintaining the ships deck log are contained in u. An anchor secured in the hawse pipe in hull structure. Eventually, deck logs are transferred to the national archives and records administration nara. On august 22, 2019, the va began scanning more than 20 million images from the u.

Maritime logbook regulations 2014 table of provisions part 1preliminary 1, short title and commencement 2. Details of all data relating to the general condition of the ship should be. Official log books and list of crew iom ship registry. A hull is that part of ship that extends below the. In navy language, any kind of running record is called a log. How to use navy deck logs as evidence in va claims cck law. Record of onboard inspections, drills, musters and training to. Navy and coast guard deck logs so that they can be made available online. Ship s articles has the meaning attributed to the term by section 2 of the law. Probably the most important log you will be maintaining is the ships deck log.

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